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Some Background

Alliant Games was founded on the belief in a strong community with an alliance between players. We focus on a premier gaming experience and invite you to join us and see what we have to offer.
While our primary focus has been on Rust roleplay, we are always open to collaborating on future projects.

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Season 33

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Season 18 preview.jpg


Dedicated Server

Better Performance

Cargo Plane Event

PvE Event at Airfield

Cargo Train Event

PvP Event in Tunnels

Raidable Bases

PvE/PvP Events

Abandoned Bases

Raidable Player Bases

Raid Protection

Online & Offline

Skill Tree

XP Leveling System

Water Bases

Floating Foundations

Clans Reborn

Clans UI & Ally Support

Airdrop Locker

Private Supply Signals


Increased Storage


Blackjack & Poker

DC Protection

Body & Loot Secured

Attack Helicopter

Grub Prevention

Mini Extras

Seating, Light, Storage

Furnace Extras

Splitter & Stopper


Candles, Fog & Snow

Lock Master

Most Items Lockable

Custom UI

Clean & Informative

Night Lanterns

No Fuel & Automatic

Player Ranks

Detailed Tracking

Remover Tool

Fix Building Mistakes

Server Rewards

Loyalty Rewarded

Tree Planter

Beautify your Space

Vehicle Protections

Locks, Decay & Insurance

Balloon Plus

Hot Air Balloons


Flyable Airplanes

Drone Taxi

Transport in Style

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Previous Seasons

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